A.I. Global Markets has 10,900 customers active as of this morning on Feb. 9, 2019.

Some updates from this leadership meeting:


New Hamilton and Benjamin versions will have built in News Filters for Red Folder News. Coming out this week. New Install videos will be out for updating this…how it works is you will be able to set a number you’re willing to accept a loss for in drawdown and when the software turns off, if the trades are down less then the number you set, it will auto exit to protect your capital!

You will be able to turn off this feature if you’re a professional and want to leave it on.

Hamilton will be able to run on 4 pairs with the new update to make up for trade time lost during any news events!

VPS will be updated quickly once all these are released
(Chart Loader that was on some pre-installed ForexVPS computer will not be pre-installed anymore soon as well as it was ineffective and more confusing for setting up “Benjamin”.)

Also for those of you who want your software on Friday and really like “blowing accounts” this will be allowed, direct words from “Quicksilver” BUT I WOULD NEVER TURN THIS ON. Again unless you like blowing accounts!

The Telegram Announcements Dave “Quicksilver” will be more precise as we now have foreign teams, he will use more plain language everyone understands

MT4 Benji will be out in 2-3 weeks maybe sooner 🤫📈🤷‍♂️

Also running any lot bigger then .01 on “Hamilton is like driving a nail thru your scrotum” direct words from Dave again

New software in works

Oil trader will be out, only works on Wednesdays so can use existing license if you want only on Wednesdays and switch it from 9am-2pm and our Benjamin back on.

Or you can just buy another license for it.

Expected next month or so.

As well as for the Silver Trader

More software is already being tested and in works for following months…Bitcoin Trader….NFP Trader….

Benjamin is A.I. It using Microsoft Artificial Intelligence in it…👀💯

Each account learns independently not from everyone’s data unfortunately.

Hamilton is NOT FULLY A.I. but it will kick an A.I. In after the 5-6th cost average just to check it’s not something stupid it’s entering (As long as it has enough equity it will perform) but then the A.I. kicks off
***For Clarification***

Benjamin each one ran needs ITS OWN VPS. As it is FULLY A.I.

Hamilton 3-5 can be ran for VPS with no problem…3 recommended max but 5 can work.

If you want to shoot yourself in the foot you can turn hedging off and have a hard stop loss…for Benjamin.

BUT Benjamin always is designed to mitigate risk!

Compliance UPDATES

A NEW TEAM IS BEING DEPLOYED TO CONFRONT VIOLATORS AROUND THE WORLD. Accounts can be frozen for a week if you violate multiple times, you will have to go thru an education course if you aren’t compliant or refuse to comply! Terminated if you have tons of warnings and don’t comply. No enticement. Protect this house. Compliance is going to be getting strict to make sure we exist long term and regulators take us seriously.

We have a software that has detected accounts globally violating these compliance policies!

So that we can scale globally with no issues and have little to no problems ever with regulators.

Payment updates. More payout options coming and being secured! Uphold working great on all new comissions Feb 1st requested!

Any old pending commission withdrawal request prior to Feb 1st send corporate your IBO# and PayPal and amount requested that’s still pending prior to any Feb 1st

New resources coming after our event.

New videos from corporate explaining difference between Benjamin and Hamilton.

Videos with Dave interviewing him on creation of software as well as any claims against him.

New videos from corporate showing the simple process of how easy it can be to setup this.

New video showing them opportunity (Corporate Marketing Video)

Mobile app also on the works with everything to help people setup everything as well as Market our opportunity Globally 📈



Will have new videos for international members in their languages. 🤫

Telegram channels will be in respective native languages.

Websites will be in native language.





Will be a HOLLYWOOD LOOKING PRODUCTION SOON! So clear and incredible quality videos our company will blow everyone’s mind. RED CAMERAS ONLY 🙏


14 new support representatives added.

As of last week analytics:

Average support issue has been resolved in under 5 hours as of last week from initial message . Last week average initial response was 3 minutes. 2nd response 20-30 minutes average…

Taxes and trading: We are adding for US a team that will help you with your profits and doing taxes and book keeping.

All servers and teams are gonna be ready to grow to 500,000 customers minimum.

New forex brokers. More VPS options…it’s getting crazy!