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  1. How QuickSilver tripled his account value every single month for 16 years in a row! (2:14)
  2. The Dirty Little Secrets Of Billion Dollar Hedge Funds, And Why They’re Now Accessible To The Public? (3:31)
  3. How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence To Outperform Wall Street, even if you know nothing about trading! (4:56)
  4. LIVE Backtest… (5:43)
  5. The Secret Algorithm That Allows ‘BENJAMIN’ To Win 80%-93% Of Trades (7:57)
  6. Will This Work Even If I’m A Complete Trading Newbie? (11:38)
  7. How To Beat The Stock Market, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, & Real Estate Market Every Single Year (13:23)
  8. Is It Actually Possible To Turn $5,000 Into $1,500,000 In The Forex Market? (13:47)
  9. How To Get The Benjamin Software FREE? Forever? (18:31)
  10. Skeptical? Watch These incredible case studies (20:04)