THE SYSTEM (Warm Market)

INITIAL INVITE – Hey man if I had an investment opportunity that I thought was worth your time would you be open to taking a look at it?

Awesome I have a buddy that got me plugged into using this AI software that automates trades for you in the forex market. I’ve actually seen ____ so far and a few close friends of mine have seen ____. You can always try it out with a demo account for no risk if you want but i really believe it’s worth you giving it a shot. If I add you to the Facebook group that shows the software & results would you check it out?

1) ADD Send them to:

This is a landing page with a video explaining the software, have them click the button to join the Market Hackers Facebook Group. They will then be added to a messenger bot that will allow us to personally remind them of the weekly webinars.

Market Hackers Facebook Group

This is a group for IBO’s and PROSPECTS. The purpose is to create a social proof group filled with testimonials that do the selling for you. This is where you add your prospects and tag them to check out Benjamin’s performance.

2) TAG

Once you make sure they are in the Facebook group Tag them in a few of the testimonials. Maybe even your own testimonial.


Reach out to them and ASK FOR THE SALE
Show them what the software has done for you over the last x then ask them; “on a scale of 1 -10 how ready are you to try out the software for yourself?


If they are not ready to buy use other tools like the webinar, or other videos as next exposures. They also will stay in the Facebook group and continue to see new testimonials until they are ready. If they are ready to buy send them your link then add them to the “Market Hackers Official Group”

Market Hackers Official Facebook Group

This is for paid members & IBO’s only. When you enroll a new person you add them to this group and tag them in the pinned video to have them go through the 5 steps.

Make sure they go to:

This will walk them step by step through the setup process.

Remember, don’t waste time doing what the tools have been created to do. If you just get good at inviting people, keeping track of where people are at in the pipeline, and asking for the sale, you will build a massive business.

The back office has a comp plan video and if you go to you can download marketing materials and the market hacker branded comp plan.